General Hospital spoilers week of September 21 2020

General Hospital spoilers for Monday September 21:

In Monday’s GH recap, Sonny discovers Nelle’s neckband, Dev looks for Brando’s recommendation, and Curtis lashes out at Stella.

Molly goes through the evening with Alexis.

Ava drops off Avery at Sonny’s.

Nikolas runs into Elizabeth.

Cyrus approaches Lulu to transfer a message for him.

Curtis apologizes to Stella.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 22:

Alexis is pretentious of Valentin.

Brando accounts for himself to Sam.

Dante gets fomented with his PCP.

Lulu and Elizabeth think back.

Cameron feels clashed.

Franco approaches Nina for some help.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday September 23:

Jason gets an upsetting call.

Lulu solaces Sonny.

Jax feels remorseful.

Stella monitors TJ.

Molly battles with the blame of her activities.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday September 24:

Pursue visits Carly.

Liz and Franco battle about accounts.

Julian approaches Martin for help.

Sasha looks for help from a companion.

Ned is shaken.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday September 25:

Valentin protects Alexis.

Ned lets his temper defeat him.

Olivia accuses herself.

Stream Lynn feels defenseless.

Cameron trusts in Joss.

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Maurice Benard shares a self-contradicting goodbye with his General Hospital father!